Become a driving instructor

Are you looking to make a change in your career? On the other hand, do you want to change your career path? Alternatively, would you like to have your hours and have unlimited earning potentials? If this were the case, then becoming a driving instructor would be an excellent decision for you. Becoming a driving instructor is a great way to teach thousands of students your skills and knowledge and help them pass their exams, and at the same time being in control of your business. Contact us today because this could be the beginning of your new career.

Our one on one instruction covers a wide range of areas. Check our website to know the major cities we operate. We also offer advanced driving instructor training.

So how do you become a driving instructor?

If you have decided to start this career, your first step is to apply in a reputable school. You can ask at our school through the link below.

You will have to get a criminal record check before you submit the application details. All the information to do this is available on our site too. You also need to give details of two people who know you and are ready to vouch for you when the registrar approaches you.

Never assume that acceptance in an automatic process. The registrar can refuse new applications if they do not meet the required legal requirements. During registration and form, the instructors might ask you to voluntarily sign up to a code of practice or commit to doing continued professional development once you are a wholly qualified ADI.


Thank you for considering training with us to become an approved driving instructor with us.

Our high-end car one on one lessons will make sure that you are supported throughout your experiences, and we commit to develop your skills to be a highly trained and skilled instructor. We will give you all the needed resources to improve the knowledge required to finish your lessons and understand the crucial requirements of parts 1, 2, and 3.

Our training lessons can be tailored to your personal needs, and if you contact us, we will be happy to discuss all you need to become a driving instructor. When you decide to train with us, you can be assured of friendly and professional support during your full training.